About heavy metals

There are 10 types of heavy metals that are currently recognized as noxious: cadmium, hexavalent chrome, cyanogen, total mercury, alkyl mercury, selenium, lead, arsenic, fluorine, and boron.

Heavy metals have a property of dissolving out as ion and being accumulated within soil or tissues of animals and plants.
Due to this property, the human body could be affected by exposure to densely-polluted area containing heavy metals dissolved from factories, mines and industrial waste and accumulated in water source or soil. Additionally, such property of heavy metals sometimes causes other problems such as environmental pollution or food contamination.


We, SED have developed two products to stabilize and insolubilize these noxious heavy metals: " ND Metal Clear" to remove heavy metal compounds from wastewater, and an insolubilizing agent for heavy metals " ND Earth Care" which is effective as anti-soil contamination measure. These products contribute to prevent us leaving a negative legacy to future generations and protect water and soil environment.

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