Asbestos Treatment Project
It has been reported that the amount of architectural material containing asbestos used for public facilities such as schools and hospitals as well as private constructions such as apartments and buildings is now approximately 100 million tons in Japan. This makes asbestos our immediate problem. The liquid agent "ND-Lock" which we have developed modifies asbestos fibers and prevents them from flying into the air through the decomposing and crystallizing process.
We will make further effort in promoting a complete eradication of asbestos safely through the continued research pursuing a complete treatment for asbestos and the pervasiveness of our activity.
  Heavy Metals Treatment Project
Water contamination and soil contamination due to heavy metal dissolution threaten our life.
To resolve this issue, we have developed a heavy metal remover gND Metal Clearh for heavy metal stabilization and wastewater treatment, and an insolubilizing agent for heavy metals gND Earth Careh which is effective as a soil contamination countermeasure.