Safe,Secure and Inexpensive

"ND-Lock" chemically decomposes asbestos fibers - it is safe, secure, and inexpensive.

The anti-dispersion solution for asbestos, "ND Lock," which we have developed, is the new and innovative product. This is a solidification solution, which modifies asbestos and prevents dispersion of asbestos by decomposing asbestos fibers at ordinary temperature and crystallizing them. It helps keep the general environment and work environment safe.

The ND Lock solution, which uses water as solvent and contains no volatile component, is an inorganic solution and has no affect on the human body (As a familiar example, it can be regarded as a component of sulfur simple hot spring. As it is an alkali solution, prolonged skin contact may cause skin irritation.)


Characteristics of the ND Lock solution

  ND Lock solution Other solutions
Main components Calcium polysulfide Acrylic resin
vinyl chloride resin, ethylene resin
Impregnation rate High Low
Aging degradation The effect persists for years (Rework is unnecessary)
Property of inorganic material
Rework is required due to aging degradation
Likely to experience aging degradation as organic material is contained
Work Easy to work due to its water solubility Measures for organic solvent and excess intensity are partially required
Mechanism of anti-dispersion The dispersion is prevented by modifying the inside of asbestos
Needle-like fibers are ballooned and modified
Sealing of asbestos: Dispersion prevention removal by film
Sealing of asbestos:
Wetting agent
Retention capacity of characteristics and function of asbestos on the intended use Characteristics and function of asbestos on the intended use are retained Characteristics and function of asbestos on the intended use are reduced.
(fire resistance, sound insulation, dew condensation prevention)
Dispersion of asbestos during the removal work Because of high impregnation rate and repeating impregnation, the possibility of dispersion is low
The security of asbestos removal work is improved.
Damaging the coated layer during the asbestos removal work increases the dispersion